Renovating Your Kid's Dream Playroom

Renovating Your Kid's Dream Playroom

Kids are supposed to have fun. They should have a space in which they can express their creativity, explore their boundaries, and enjoy the childhood experiences that lead them toward healthy adulthood. Let’s explore how to renovate your kid’s dream playroom in a fun, safe, and budget-friendly way.


Tips for Renovating Your Kid’s Dream Playroom

When deciding on how you’re going to renovate your kid’s playroom, the vision of creating a comfortable yet stimulating place for them is definitely important.

But there are also practical considerations that need to be made, such as materials, space management, safety measures, and budgeting which means setting up an impressive playroom doesn't necessarily come cheap – especially if you don't plan it well ahead of time.

With all of these obstacles in mind, here are some tips to help guide your way through crafting a dream playroom for your little one.

1. Set a Budget

When beginning renovations, it’s always best practice to set aside an adequate budget prior to doing so, as this will affect the kind of material choices needed as well as any additional expenses along the way.

When deciding how much is enough money or what constitutes an ‘adequate budget,’ figure out what elements you want to be included, such as furniture, toys, decor, art supplies, and more.

From there, you can consult with professionals within those fields about the fees they would charge for the design and installation of those services. With that knowledge, you can adjust your plans accordingly.

2. Arrange the Layout

Start by creating an overall layout plan for the room. Where will the toys, furniture, and art supplies be placed? This is especially important if there isn't enough space to incorporate everything you have in mind or if the playroom consists of multiple sections.

Take measurements of each individual item to make sure they’re compatible with the available square footage. Get creative! If needed, speak to professionals about how best to maximize the available space even further if resources are limited. 

3. Choose Sturdy & Safe Materials

When looking for materials, it isn’t worth it to sacrifice quality materials over cost-saving ones. Put safety first, and choose durable pieces that won't break easily if kids play around with them recklessly.

In reality, spending more on high-quality items will save you money over time. Frequent repairs or replacements due to poorly made items can add up to a large amount of money. With durable materials, you’ll pay more upfront but less in the long run.

Make sure all surfaces are relatively easily cleanable, too. Kids are messy (as they should be!), and you’ll save a lot of time and energy by choosing cleanable materials.

4. Incorporate Colour & Personal Touch

As tempting as it is, don't go wild with primary colours exploding on every wall. This can be overwhelming to children and parents alike. Instead, pick a colour palette that consists of two or three big base colours – nothing too strong – and play around with different shades of those colours to add dimension.

Once the major walls are done, you can accentuate them by using murals or art pieces featuring cartoon characters. You could even let your child take the lead on what decorations they’d like displayed to show off their personality and truly make it their space.

5. Make Sure Storage Choices Fit

Proper storage solutions must come into play if you want an organized, happy room. Not only do shelves help create more floor space, but drawers help out immensely if the area is limited. All those toys have to go somewhere – and if not in a drawer, they’ll end up on the floor!

Just remember to consider height as well when buying such furniture choices. Make sure drawers are safe for small hands, and ensure no shelves are going to topple over if knocked. Storage boxes don’t have fancy visuals, so try to incorporate bright colours around them to create contrast and visual pop.

Creating a vibrant and welcoming playroom area for your children doesn’t have to be hard or expensive – just a little planning and foresight. Take inventory of what items are needed, consider safety measures, optimize space usage, and add colours accordingly in order to create your child’s dream space.


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