Creating your renovation wish list

So, you’ve been dreaming about a new kitchen or turning your dark, drab basement into a place you can curl up and watch a movie on a Friday night.  It’s great to have an overall vision of what you’d like to do to improve your home, but creating a wish list is an...

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We are a Green Builder

As a Green Builder we are committed to providing you with as many options as possible in order to minimize your renovation’s environmental footprint and protect the planet.  Our commitment to offering homeowners the most efficient and green options when...

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Choosing the right contractor

Being a Renomark Member is something that we are proud to advertise to our Homeowners.  We know that it gives your family assurance that they have a trusted, qualified contractor working on their home. It also gives us access to some great information and articles...

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Let the Holidays Inspire Your Custom Renovation

Has your next renovation project been looming in the back of your mind and you’re not sure where to start?  This is a great time of year to begin working on your wish list and start your planning.  Before the hustle and bustle of the holidays takes full effect, get...

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Choosing a RenoMark Certified Contractor

We want families to feel secure and confident in the renovation experts they’ve chosen to hand over their homes to, and like the beginning of any good relationship, it all begins with trust. Being a certified RenoMark member let’s our homeowners know that we are a...

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2018 RenoMark & Bild Calgary Renovation & Infill Tour

Calgary, this is your chance to come and see first hand what our team can do to transform your home.  Saturday, October, 13th from 11:00am - 5:00pm we will be participating in the RenoMark & Bild Calgary Renovation & Infll Tour.  We'll be featuring two...

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