Green Remodelling: Your Eco-Friendly Guide to Renovations

Green remodelling is a sustainable way to get the new look you want while reducing your impact on the environment. It can also save you money on the remodelling project and on energy usage, while also being good for the economy. Eco remodelling includes lots of...

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Planning House Additions: A Complete Step-by-Step

More than 65% of Canadians plan to renovate or do house additions this year. Are you among them? From empty nesters looking to take their current home into retirement to growing families with growing needs, we Canadians clearly love the location of our home and...

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7 Home Remodel Projects for Empty Nesters

Life as an empty nester comes with a lot of empty space and freedom to live life to the fullest. The children are gone, you have vacant bedrooms and, while you’ll still need somewhere for your kids to sleep sometimes, the house doesn’t have to remain a shrine to life...

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