Home Design Styles: Finding Inspiration for Renovation

Home Design Styles: Finding Inspiration for Renovation

Determining the aesthetic of your home renovation can be overwhelming. At first, picking colour palettes and motifs may seem fun, but as you move forward, you’ll notice that there are so many things to consider other than home design styles.

Finding a practical idea for your home's existing architecture and character shouldn’t be stressful. There are so many resources from which to get inspiration.

This article will point you in the right direction to find inspiration and what to do during the process.

Remodeling Inspirations

To help you achieve that perfect balance, we have compiled six invaluable methods to spark your design ideas and kickstart your home transformation adventure.

Designs and styles evolve. Traditional or modern—don’t get stuck on a single one. Mixing them up makes it easier to create your personal style. Now, here are some ways to spark your creative juices.

Digital Vision Boards

Vision boards should be your go-to place for finding home design styles. Places like Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz are a great database of different design styles. Whether you're searching for Scandinavian minimalism, Bohemian eclecticism, or rustic farmhouse charm, these platforms offer a wide range of options.

Start searching through the ocean of home designs, pick one, and add it to your board. Make sure that whatever you choose feels and looks right. If you’re planning to work on multiple rooms (bath, kitchen, etc.), categorize them into separate collections.

As you continue, you'll start noticing patterns and preferences. This iterative approach will not only help you identify your style but also help you visualize how different elements can come together in your space. This will ultimately steer the direction of your renovation.

Showhome Tours

Show homes are everywhere. It’s a great opportunity to explore different styles and layouts. From historic homes to modern lofts, you’ll drown with different styles that may or may not suit your taste.

By experiencing this firsthand, you can gain a better understanding of which design elements you would like to incorporate into your own space. Make sure to take notes and grab many photos to document your tour very meticulously. After the tour, you have a heap of real-life examples to inform your remodelling plans and create a space that is uniquely yours.

Go To Expos and Home Shows

Sign up for annual expos in your area, where many interior designers showcase their work. You’ll be surprised by the massive amount of different designs. Whether contemporary or progressive, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Not only that, these expos and shows will give you a glimpse of the future of home design styles. You witness many innovative ideas, home technologies, and material trends. A face-to-face with industry professionals is an invaluable opportunity.

From understanding the advantages of a particular product to seeking suggestions on colour matching or discussing sustainable materials, these discussions can provide tailored guidance that can subtly but significantly impact your remodelling project.

Work With a Pro

Last but not least, consider working with a professional. Remember that when engaging in home renovation, treat it as an investment, not just a fun venture. By correctly doing this, you'll be able to realize your idea and add value to your home.

By hiring a professional, they’ll be able to look at your remodeling project from a different point of view. They’ll give you feedback, identify opportunities, and provide solutions.

A skilled team like Kurmak Builders will always try to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into the designs. Contact us today to learn more about how to execute your ideas and get more inspiration for your home design style.