Most homeowners living in colder provinces can enjoy the benefits of an in-floor heating system in their home. Imagine removing the icy shock of the floor or that frozen bathroom tile flooring in a cold winter morning. Without a floor heating system, any hard flooring doesn’t feel that luxurious and warm underfoot in winter. Here are some benefits of a floor heating system.

Benefits of a Floor Heating System for a Homeowner:

In Floor Heating is Energy Efficient:

The key benefit of a floor heater is energy efficiency. Due to a number of factors, a floor heating system is more energy efficient than a conventional system. Even though you have a floor heater installed, you can expect to get a lower energy bill during winter months.

In-floor Heating System Means Comfort in Winter:

With an in-floor heating system installed, you don’t have to worry about the chilled floors or cold shock in winter. These heating systems are based on furnace heating and cooling systems, air is heated evenly and circulated via ducts. There is very little heat loss from an in-floor heating system. In contrast to the traditional heating system, floor heaters distribute heat evenly and uniformly. Therefore, a floor heating system provides a different level of comfort altogether.

There Various Heating Options to Choose From:

Additionally, in-floor heating systems are available in many choices and options from a custom home builder. In-floor heaters are available in several energy sources, including electrical, solar, geo-thermal and natural gas. You can either choose radiant systems or legacy furnace systems as per your choice. With so many power source based heating systems to choose from, you can always find a suitable heating system for your home.

Homeowners always have the choice to choose a custom home builder for the in-floor heating installation. However, the conventional heating systems are typically restricted to a single energy source and are more susceptible towards heat loss through vent air and frequent temperature setting change. Comfort, of course, is an important factor when it comes to winter.

Enjoy Extra Comfort in your Home by Installing In-Floor Heating.

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