As a Green Builder we are committed to providing you with as many options as possible in order to minimize your renovation’s environmental footprint and protect the planet. 

Our commitment to offering homeowners the most efficient and green options when it comes to their renovation is unwavering. It starts with using local trade partners and suppliers, and carries into many other areas of your project.

When it comes to heating your home we offer a variety of heat-saving options to help reduce waste. To name a few, we offer triple pane windows, heat-exchange systems, fireplaces and urethane foam insulation. Many Calgarians underestimate the amount of heat that can be retained in their homes because of the abundance of sunlight our city gets. We can provide options that maximize the use of our city’s sunshine.

We are committed to staying on top of the latest green technologies and have several options available. Plumbing designed to conserve water, energy-efficient appliances, thermostats, solar panels and motion activated lighting are available on all of our renovations. These can help tremendously in minimizing your footprint.

By using locally sourced materials you can feel good about the impact your project is having on the environment.  We use low VOC paint, cork flooring, reclaimed wood and recycled glass (to name a few). In order to cut shipping costs and reduce carbon emissions, we support local suppliers and materials wherever possible.  

Recycling is a huge part of making sure we are minimizing the waste involved in your luxury renovation.  We ensure that 75% of waste is recycled properly by a local recycling company.  

Finally, donating your old appliances and cabinetry to Habitat for Humanity is an option we are proud to offer our homeowners.  Not only are you enhancing the lives of others by doing this, but you are also choosing to reduce a ton of unnecessary waste. We believe in giving our homeowners options when it comes to how to dispose of old appliances and cabinetry.