Your home is your castle.  There are some great opportunities in the real estate market right now;  however, finding that perfect gem in your favourite neighbourhood is not an easy task.

Many homeowners are now opting to renovate their current home or purchase one that requires some work beyond a simple weekend DIY project.  Hiring a professional renovation company is a popular choice amongst homeowners who want to convert their beloved existing home into their ‘dream home’.

Considering your family’s lifestyle is just as important as incorporating your personality into your decorating.  In order to design and plan your renovation effectively, it is beneficial to analyze how you would like your space to function and how to make it suit your needs.

In a kitchen renovation, it is important to consider which materials will offer longevity and stand up to the kind of cooking that your family does.  Marble countertops are sophisticated and elegant, but they can also be prone to staining.  Tile floors are a durable option, but hardwood is warmer underfoot and looks appealing when it is carried through from the rest of the main level.

How many cooks might be preparing a meal at the same time?  Designing a kitchen layout with enough space for two people to move around effectively within the work triangle is also something to consider.

There are so many options available when it comes to kitchen accessories.  Today, kitchen layouts are designed with specific ‘zones’ (cooking, cleaning, prep work) and the appropriate cabinetry; accessories can be specifically chosen in order to make that ‘zone’ function effectively, having everything stored and within easy reach.

Bathrooms can be designed to function as a retreat for homeowners.  Using classic materials such as marble and natural stone can create a luxurious and upscale look.  Adding a large walk-in steam shower, in leu of a soaker tub, is a popular choice for homeowners.  Rain showerheads, multiple body sprays from various directions and different colours of lights make your shower a relaxing experience.

Professional renovation companies can custom design your space to meet your needs and taste; their experience and knowledge of current materials allow them to recommend products for your project with your budget in mind.  Renovation consultants also take the time to ask questions about your lifestyle and carefully plan an attractive and highly-functional space that your family will enjoy for a long time to come.

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