Life as an empty nester comes with a lot of empty space and freedom to live life to the fullest. The children are gone, you have vacant bedrooms and, while you’ll still need somewhere for your kids to sleep sometimes, the house doesn’t have to remain a shrine to life with young kids. So what will you do with your space? Possibly remodel projects?

You don’t do major remodels very often. If you’re considering doing one then you may as well re-do your home in a way that will suit your new empty-nester lifestyle… now and into the future.

Here are 7 home remodel projects perfect for empty nesters.

1. Design An Elegant Foyer 

elegant foyer remodel

You don’t have to worry about your kids and their friends ruining your foyer by banging their hockey sticks against your walls every time they come home from practice. Now that the kids are gone, you can remodel your foyer and transform it into a more elegant, grown-up space (that might not need to be quite so hardy).

The hallway and foyer are the first and last areas of your home that guests will see. It’s where your first impression happens. 

What first impression do you want to leave on your guests?

Is there anything you need to be able to store when you first walk through your front door?

These are the kind of questions a good builder will ask you when helping to redesign your foyer so that it’s something you’re proud of.

2. Put a New Twist on the Family Room

family room remodel

Back when the kids were still living at home, the family room was where the family would gather to watch kid’s movies, play games and spend time together.

How do you want to use the space now that there are no kids at home? Do you want to be hosting a lot more dinner parties? You may want to make the family room a place for conversation and entertainment by adding a bar for drinks and snacks.

Will you be relaxing in the space with a good book and a glass of wine? Your dream family room may involve floor-to-ceiling bookcases, space for your wine collection and artwork.

Your lifestyle and how you want to enjoy your family room will dramatically affect how you remodel your family room space.

3. Add a New Bathroom

new powder room

Have you always wanted an extra bathroom? If it works with your space, you could possibly turn your kid’s old room into a bathroom.

With as little as 30 square feet, you can fairly comfortably fit a sink, toilet, and shower. If the empty bedroom is bigger than that, you have the space to design yourself a full bathroom to relax in.

The investment involved in creating a whole new bathroom will depend on whether the bathroom has easy access to plumbing. If you can place your new fixtures close to existing water and waste lines, you can keep your bathroom renovation investment down. That’s why it’s always wise to place your plumbing fixtures strategically.

Best of all, adding a bathroom can significantly increase your home’s value.

4. Create a Hobby Room

With the kids out of the house, you finally have more time to focus on your hobbies! What if you renovate an old bedroom and turn it into a dedicated room where you can work on your hobby Craft rooms or a home gym are just a few examples.

Start by thinking about what activities you want to do in the space and what you need to store in there. That will help make sure the remodel gives you a hobby room that’s practical and enjoyable to work in. 

Then, you can start thinking about the style of the room. How do you want it to look and feel when you’re in there?

Blend the practical and the beautiful and you’ll end up with a hobby room that you can enjoy for many years to come.

5. Focus on Your Outdoor Exterior

Home exterior before remodel
Home exterior after remodel

While you’ve been busy raising a family, there are probably a lot of things you’ve simply been tolerating about the outside of your house. You might even have a sandpit, cubby house or a swing set out there. But all that stuff probably feels out of place with the kids now gone.

You’d be surprised about what can be achieved by remodeling the exterior of your home. From a quick tidy up to a full makeover – the difference a quality renovation can make to the exterior of any home is astounding.

But the biggest benefit can often be that doing an exterior makeover can dramatically increase the curb appeal and value of your home. 

You could revamp the facade of your home, create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy in summer, or include the garden that you always dreamed of (but never had space for until that cubby house was no longer there). 

6. Create a Guest Room

Now with the kids gone, you probably want them to come back at some point, but also want to make space for guests. A guest room is often a perfect compromise. You can create a more welcoming, adult room for visitors and still have somewhere for the kids to sleep when they’re home from college.

Best of all, a guest room often doesn’t involve any major structural changes and can require less of an investment. You may only need (or want!) to change the flooring, paint the walls, install more practical wardrobes, add an elegant light fixture, and update your window coverings.

It could be that simple to create a guest room that you’re proud of.

7. Increase Productivity With a Home Office

Home office

Like a guest room, turning a spare bedroom into a home office is a pretty simple remodel project to take on.

Start by thinking about what kind of work you’ll be doing in your new office. How many people will be working there? Is it just you? Or do you need to fit more than one desk?

Your productivity will also depend on smart organisation. Pay attention to smaller details, like what things you’ll need to be able to easily access from your desk. This might affect the position of your desks and shelves, for example. You may want things that you don’t use as often to be stored further away from your desk.

Lighting can also be an issue when you’re trying to concentrate. Does the room have enough natural light?

There are many ways to create more light during your remodel project, ranging from bringing in more natural light and adding task lights to make it easier to work at your desk in the evening. What you need will depend on what work you do, how you like to do it.

What Remodel Projects Suit Your Empty Nester Life?

We know it can feel overwhelming to start any remodel projects when there are so many options out there. But if you work with a good builder (like us), then they will take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the process for you.

Are you in Calgary and want to revamp your home? Look at our home renovations services. We help build on your vision to make it the best possible result. At the end of the project, we want you to say: “I knew what I wanted but it turned out so much better than expected.”