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Mini Pliers Set (6-Piece)

Mini Pliers Set (6-Piece)

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An expanded, all-purpose collection, this set includes needle nose pliers, long nose pliers, bent long nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and two semi-flush cutters, diagonal and end (14-38 AWG). Gently assisting the opening action of pliers, the long arm coil spring is neatly tucked between handles so it won't get in the way or be accidentally dislodged. The spring itself has a relaxed opening angle of 137 degrees-nearly twice the opening angle of the pliers-so it stays properly tensioned when pliers are fully opened. Coiled twice, it achieves the right balance of the force required to open pliers with that required to close them, greatly improving overall control and reducing hand fatigue.

Extra long and slender, tapered needle nose pliers with crosscut teeth for sure grip in any direction
Versatile long nose pliers combines a long, tapered, finely tipped nose with a wire cutter for soft wire (14-38 AWG)
Bent long nose pliers have a 45-degree tip that makes it easy to reach around obstructions
Flat nose pliers with broad jaws securely grasp thin parts and offer extra leverage for bending
Semi-flush diagonal and end cutting pliers with induction-hardened blades (HRC 60-63) cleanly snip soft wire like copper, aluminum, brass, and silver (14-38 AWG)
1-pc. mini needle nose pliers
1-pc. mini long nose pliers
1-pc. mini bent long nose pliers
1-pc. mini flat nose pliers
1-pc. mini diagonal cutting pliers
1-pc. mini end cutting pliers

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