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20 in. Knee Wall Countertop Support Bracket

20 in. Knee Wall Countertop Support Bracket

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This bracket is the prefect concealed countertop overhang bracket for countertop support. It is a nonintrusive support while giving your countertop the appearance of floating. Once installed this support bracket will be invisible and protect your countertop from cracking when leaned on. This bracket features countersunk holes to provide a flush installation for added support.Give yourself or your customer the peace of mind they deserve by having the strongest countertop support bracket on the market with the Knee Wall Countertop Support Bracket.This bracket is designed to attach to the top of knee/pony walls to support extended countertop overhangs.

Non-intrusive design blends well with the kitchen countertop
Corbel-free installation gives room for your legs to move
Beveled edges ensure safety during and after installation
Made of high-quality steel to offer strength
Paintable with anti-rust spray for long-lasting use
Measures 20 in. L x 2-1/2 in. W x 1/2 in. D
Easy to install.
Made of 1/2 in thick by 2 1/2 inch wide Material
Bracket end has beveled edge for safety.
Screw holes are countersunk into the brace for a flash installation for added support.
Brackets can be painted with any anti-rust spray paint to change your color.
Free Ground Shipping*
Made in the USA.
Package is (1) bracket.
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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