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Hard-Handle Black Oxide Blade Screwdriver Set, 12-Piece (#0-#2,1/8-1/4 in.)

Hard-Handle Black Oxide Blade Screwdriver Set, 12-Piece (#0-#2,1/8-1/4 in.)

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The classic design of the TEKTON hard handle screwdrivers provides a comfortable, natural grip with easy-to-read size markings. Glass-reinforced nylon handles deliver extreme durability and chemical resistance. Precisely milled tips maintain tight tolerance over time.

Extremely durable handle made of glass-reinforced nylon resists damage from extreme temperatures, high impacts, fuels, grease, cleaners, and solvents
An insert molding process forms the handle around the blade, rather than forcing the blade into a premade handle, resulting in a straighter blade that won't twist out
Screwdriver tip geometry is precision milled for an exact fit with fasteners, and made of strong, heat-treated steel to ensure the tip holds its shape over time
Easy-to-read markings show the tip type and size on the end of the driver for easy identification
Protective black oxide finish can't flake off like plated finishes
2-pc stubby 1-1/2 inch screwdrivers: #2 Phillips, 1/4 in. slotted
6-pc standard 4 inch screwdrivers: #0, #1, #2 Phillips; 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 in. slotted
4-pc long 8 inch screwdrivers: #1, #2 Phillips; 3/16, 1/4 in. slotted

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