Our core values are a set of consistent values and measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity. A well-defined value system is a moral code; core values are used as a guideline for hiring and dismissing team members and are essential principles for our organization. Here are our Core Values.


We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions and are prepared to be answerable for resulting consequences. We hold our trade partners accountable for the work that they do.

Honesty and Integrity

As a facet of our moral character, honesty and integrity is conveyed by our positive, virtuous attributes such as truthfulness, and straightforwardness with the absence of attempting to deceive, through lying, cheating, theft or omission of truth. Integrity stems from the Latin word integer (whole or complete). This defines the internal consistency of our actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.

Keeping Promises

Our word is the foundation of our business; if we say we will do something, we ensure it is done. Everything we do is our very best.


We create a positive morale within our workplace. Happy employees facilitate a better working environment, which in turn results in our employees always putting their best foot forward, resulting in happy clients. To uphold our fun core value, we have brainstorming sessions and an emerging social club.


Communicating is a joint effort by our employees and management to ensure we are on the same page with our clients and trades at all times. Documentation is absolutely vital for all correspondence with each other, trade partners and clients – as they say, the devil is in the details. To be most effective at communicating, we need to listen. After all, listening is the most important part of a conversation. Employee input and feedback is valued and encouraged.

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