Renovating your existing home with custom home additions will be a cost-effective option to give your home a new and fresh look. Custom home additions are a great choice to update your home plan, make your home interior look new and modern. To make every inch of your home perfect with a custom renovation, you should know exactly what you want to include in your home renovation. For that, you should hire a professional and experienced renovator for your new home renovation project.

What to Expect From a Custom Home builder?

Custom homebuilders can offer you plenty of choices for renovations and remodeling. If a room addition is what you want, they will come up with choices such as attic makeovers, bedroom additions, a master suite upgrade or kitchen makeover . During your initial meeting, you can talk about your ideas and let them know exactly how you would want your home to look after the renovation. Your custom renovation contractor will work closely with you and their staff to finalize the renovation project for your home.

Custom Home Renovation Options:

If you choose a custom renovation option you can add more functional space to different areas of your home. If your home has an empty attic or basement, consider giving it a makeover. Studies on real estate values report that a home with a functional basement or attic has more property value in the market.

Plus, a basement or attic makeover can increase your home’s livable space. Choices can include a mini suite, home gym, home office, media room, man cave and even a sauna. Custom builders can give you ideas with beautiful pictures of basement and attic makeovers for you to select from.

Make Your Home More Functional with a Custom Renovation

Other custom renovations that can increase the functional space in your home include custom cabinetry. Choose the custom cabinetry options for your bathroom, utility room and kitchen. Functional cabinetry includes more space, rollout drawers for extra storage and door hooks for additional storage. Adding knobs, pulls and decorative hinges will give a fresh and modern look to your cabinets too. If you want a specific look in your home, choose the interior remodeling option.

Start Your Custom Home Renovation with Kurmak Builders.

Kurmak Builders brings complete home renovations and custom home builds to homeowners in Calgary. We understand the importance of high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and practicality. We can deliver the dream home custom build you’ve been waiting for.

For any inquiries, contact us at (403) 227-5525

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