Are you dreaming of a relaxing bathroom with spa-like furnishings? 

A bathroom renovation can give you that same revitalizing feeling you get after a spa day from the comfort of your own home. Everything from the fixtures and lighting to the materials you choose helps set the tone in the bathroom.

Whether you’re completely renovating your bathroom or making just a few changes, here are some spa-like bathroom design ideas.

1. Install a Luxurious Tub

luxurious bathtub with running tap filling with water

A large soaking tub is the ultimate spa element. It lets you unwind and relax with your favourite bath products. 

Freestanding tubs make a bold impression in your master bath. They come in a range of shapes and styles to fit your preferences. Various materials also give you options to ensure the tub is a focal point you love.

Consider the size to ensure it’s large enough for you to soak the way you want.

Built-in tubs with luxurious stone surrounds also create the spa look you want. A good builder (like us) will have a design team to help you consider the current layout and your preferences on tubs to match your style.

2. Add a Spa-Like Shower

luxury bathroom with low-profile shower tray and over-sized bath tub

If your bathroom is large enough for a separate shower and tub, take that opportunity to create a luxurious retreat. If your bathroom is small, creating a spa-like spa shower makes it relaxing even with limited space.

A low-profile shower tray and glass panels fit with the spa look. The open shower concept keeps the room airy and relaxing. Try incorporating a rainfall shower head for a soothing experience.  

You can also choose tiles that re-create a spa-like feeling. If you want a natural, earthy spa feeling, you could use earthy colours and patterns in the shower tiles. Or if like a luxurious feeling spa, try beautiful marble tiles to re-create the lavish spa experience that you enjoy.

3. Incorporate Stone and Wood

Stone and wood design elements connect the bathroom to nature, giving it a retreat feel. Try using stone in your flooring, shower, and walls. 

Pebble tiles add texture and a strong natural connection. You can use them in your shower floor or walls to create decorative patterns.

Another trend in modern bathrooms is to use large slabs of stone instead of small tiles. Larger pieces of stone can make a bold impression on your walls. They make the space look cleaner and less cluttered, which is perfect for the spa look.

Wood adds an earthy, organic element to your bathroom. Use wood as accents throughout the space. You might have wood shelving or create a wooden accent wall.

Including both stone and wood can create a visually pleasing contrast that relaxes the eye — and that can help you relax too.

4. Choose a Minimalist Vanity

relaxing bathroom with double vanity and marble benchtops

Outside of the tub and shower, your vanity is the most noticeable design element in the bathroom. Take advantage of that by choosing a statement vanity that contributes to the spa-like atmosphere.

Freestanding vanities are common and come in a range of styles. A wall-mounted vanity gives your space a clutter-free, modern look. It also opens up the space, which can be helpful when you’re trying to create a peaceful, relaxing feel.

A simple design works well. Ornate detailing doesn’t usually fit well with the spa theme.

5. Install New Lighting

Bright lighting is important in a spa bathroom. If you don’t have much natural light, consider installing larger windows or adding a skylight. Simple, clean window coverings that you can close when you want privacy or a darker space can help you create a peaceful, private atmosphere for you to relax in.

You can also replace old lighting fixtures with something newer and brighter to suit the spa atmosphere. Luxurious fixtures, such as chandeliers, can add an upscale ambiance.

Add extra lighting if your bathroom has darker areas. Recessed lighting fits in well with spa-like retreats because it creates a clean look while directing light to darker areas.

But you don’t always want your bathroom to be bright. Sometimes, you want to darken the room and sink into a relaxing bath. If that sounds like you, consider dimmable fixtures to give you more control over lighting levels. This lets you lower the overhead lights and use candles to create a warm glow while you soak in the tub.

6. Add a Sound System

Soothing music helps set the tone for a relaxing home spa experience. While you’re renovating, incorporate a sound system into the bathroom. This remodeling idea lets you easily play your favourite songs throughout the bathroom while you shower, soak in the tub, or get ready in the morning.

7. Create Open Storage

Spa-like bathrooms feature clean aesthetics without a lot of clutter. One way to achieve less clutter is by creating a few open shelves for storage. The open style encourages you to keep the shelves tidy and organized. 

Shelving also gives you pretty display options for your bathroom items. Roll or fold your luxuriously soft towels to place on the shelf. Display decorative soaps or other items in a clear apothecary-style jar or basket. 

You can also add candles, plants, and other spa-like decor pieces on the shelves.

Install open wooden shelves around the bathroom. You can also create a built-in open shelving unit near your tub to hold your bath accessories conveniently. 

8. Pick a Spa-Like Colour Palette

Repainting your bathroom is a simple renovation project that helps create the spa feel. Natural hues are often found in spas. Soothing blue tones, light grey, and cream colours work well. 

Stick with calming colours to help soothe you. Brighter colours tend to be more energetic than you want for a spa bathroom.

Monochromatic designs are often used to create the spa look too. You can include a few accent colours, but choosing one main colour gives you the clean spa design.

9. Enlarge the Space

An ideal spa-like bathroom gives you plenty of space, but not everyone has the luxury of a large bathroom. Some bathrooms can be a small as 35 to 40 square feet. If you’re stuck with a cramped bathroom that only has room for the basics, see if you can expand it to give yourself a more open bathroom like you would experience at a spa. (No good spa ever feels cramped.)

If you have an unused spare bedroom sharing a wall with your bathroom, consider taking part of that space for your bathroom. You could even take over the entire space and create a large bathroom and walk-in closet. 

If you can’t take over an entire room, consider if you can push the bathroom wall even a small distance into your bedroom. If your bedroom is large enough, you won’t miss the lost space, but your bathroom will look dramatically different with the extra square footage.

Want Help Creating a Relaxing Bathroom?

Are you in Calgary and want to turn your master bath a spa-like retreat, so you can pamper yourself without leaving home? Our designers are here to help you create the perfect spa-like bathroom that is customized to meet your everyday needs.

We emphasize aesthetics and function in everything we do, so before starting any renovation we will work with you to determine the optimum use of space, lighting, fixtures and materials. The best part is that the design will be custom-made just for you.

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