So, you’ve been dreaming about a new kitchen or turning your dark, drab basement into a place you can curl up and watch a movie on a Friday night.  It’s great to have an overall vision of what you’d like to do to improve your home, but creating a wish list is an imperative part of any successful renovation. It will help guide your project and set you up for success with your Contractor and Designer. Here are some ideas on how to get your wish list started.

You know what room you want to upgrade, but exactly how do you want that room to turn out?  It’s ok to not know the details.  Start your wish list by taking note of what is working for you and what areas you’d like to improve upon. Most importantly, think about how you’ll be using the refreshed space. Your home should be your sanctuary and a place that not only compliments, but enhances your lifestyle.

Are you lacking natural light throughout your main floor? A good place to start might be increasing the size of your windows or adding in additional windows to the dark area.  Start taking note of the palette in your home, are the colours dark and cold? Choosing a warmer colour palette and rethinking your lighting can be a game changer.  Add these to your list.

If the storage in your kitchen is less than ideal and you feel like you’re drowning in mismatched Tupperware containers every time you open a cabinet drawer, you’ll want to start looking at different storage solutions.  Think about elements that are not working for you in your home and also ones that help make it your favorite place to be.

What about the layout of your home, are there areas that tend to get congested with traffic, or hinder the room’s functionality? Maybe your hallway feels closed in, or you can’t turn around in your bathroom without banging yourself on an awkwardly placed wall. There might be some structural changes that could be added to your wish list and discussed with a professional, to give you a realistic idea of what can be done.  Think about the end goals for your home and don’t write anything off without talking to an industry expert.

Start taking note of what catches your eye and compile your list.  Visiting friends’ homes or taking trips to show homes can be a great way to touch and feel some new aspects that you hadn’t thought of. This will also help with being able to visualize things coming together.

Lastly, online is going to be your best friend.  Take a look at platforms like Houzz and Pinterest and begin a collection of looks and finishes that catch your eye. Starting idea books will not only be inspiring, hopefully they will get you excited about what you can do in your own home as well.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about how things will match together, or if your list makes sense.  Compiling a list will help hone in on your tastes, vision and overall design style. Your industry experts will help to navigate through it and bring the best elements to life in your home.

You will thank yourself for putting the time and effort into organizing. Taking the first steps in your renovation by creating your wish list will alleviate some of the inevitable overwhelm that is part of any project, and give your more confidence and direction in your renovation.