Being a Renomark Member is something that we are proud to advertise to our Homeowners.  We know that it gives your family assurance that they have a trusted, qualified contractor working on their home. It also gives us access to some great information and articles that can help with common questions and issues that arise during a renovation, new build or remodel.


Renomark recently put out an article on their blog that gives some valuable information to readers on how to properly hire a contractor. We’ve used that article as inspiration to give you some tips on making the right decision in hiring your contractor. Our years of experience in the business have shown us time and time again the importance of making an informed and educated decision when it comes to choosing the right fit for your home.


Start at the beginning and do your research on the company you are hiring. It can be misleading in some cases when looking through websites, take the time to do a well-rounded dig on the company you are choosing to work with.  A contractor that has experience, and happy customers behind them, will also have reviews to match. Contractors that have met their homeowner’s expectations will have references to show that, and they will be happy to provide you with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for contact information of past clients that will further verify the contractor’s reputation.


Take a look at their past experience.  Does the contractor have past projects that they can show you?  Do they have reputable industry affiliations?  Take a look at their areas of expertise and business credentials.  Is the contractor bonded, do they have a GST number?  These things might seem like minor details, but making sure that they’re in place can offer you protection if you have an issue with your project and give you peace-of-mind.


Let’s talk cost!  This can be something that is hard to understand.  Make sure you understand how you will be charged for your project. Many contractors will provide what is called a cost plus quote.  This can be misleading.  There is often an attractive and misleading number that is provided to the homeowner in their initial quote. As the project takes off it very quickly begins to jump and additional costs are tallied up as the project unfolds. The final price tag is often overwhelming, hard to understand and far exceeds the higher price tag that is quoted in a lump sum quote.

At Kurmak Builders, we offer homeowners a detailed, lump sum quote that will only vary if you make changes throughout your project. There are no hidden costs, and no surprise charges that will leave you paying more for your project than expected. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Take the time to ask questions about how you will be charged for your project and put this question on your list to ask past references provided by the contractor.  You want to make sure that number you are given is the actual price.


Timelines can be imperative in minimizing the stress of your project.  Talk to the contractor, as well as past clients to get an idea if they are able to meet their projected timelines.  Experienced and reputable contractors understand the importance of delivering on their promise and keeping their schedule.


Any contractor worth working with will offer you a warranty, but it is important to understand that this is not legally required and not all contractors offer this.  Having a warranty to protect the integrity of your project is imperative.  Always make sure that you get this in writing from the contractor you choose to work with.


You want to make sure that you are protected should anything go wrong on site.  If a worker gets hurt, or your neighbour’s property gets damaged you want to make sure that your contractor has proof of business insurance and workers compensation.


Lastly, get everything in writing.  A properly detailed contract could act as your saving grace should something go off course.  Make sure to take the proper steps to review your contract so that you can hold your contractor accountable to your agreement and have protection should anything happen.


To see the Renomark article, Everything you need to know before hiring a contractor , visit this link: .