Transform That Extra Room Into A Home Gym!

Transform That Extra Room Into A Home Gym!

Whether you’re a gym rat or just looking to get in shape, investing in a home gym renovation can make all the difference. A home gym is just one of many renovation ideas for that extra room you've been putting off.

With the right design sensibilities, it’s possible to create a home gym that rivals any commercial facility. Plus, you save money on gym memberships, which typically cost just under $60 a month and are unused by 67% of all gym members!

Are you ready to begin renovating that extra room into your ideal home gym? Make sure you review our top 5 home gym renovation ideas before beginning your project.

1. Maximize the Space

Before constructing your home gym, it's wise to determine what type of exercise you want to do. Depending on whether you plan to lift weights or use kettlebells, you’ll need to set the space up differently.

The size of the room is not necessarily a factor in setting up a fitness area. However, having adequate flooring for support and stability is essential for any kind of workout, even if it's just stretching.

To maximize the amount of space available, consider investing in folding or stackable equipment such as dumbbell racks and weight benches. When not in use, these items can be folded up and put away, making the most of your limited space.

2. Flooring

Make sure that the flooring is suitable for exercising on. If you have hardwood floors, consider investing in rubber mats or interlocking foam tiles for extra cushioning and support when doing exercises such as push-ups or sit-ups. For carpeted floors, make sure to use a mat so that your carpet doesn’t get worn out from repeated use.

By selecting flooring that matches your workout preferences, you’ll enjoy a softer surface to exercise on and provide more stability when lifting heavy weights.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors allow you to monitor your form while exercising and check that you’re  performing each exercise correctly. This helps reduce the risk of injury and ensures that you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

Mirrors also reflect and amplify natural light coming from windows or other sources, making the room brighter and more comfortable for working out and bringing a touch of style to your home gym. Adding a large mirror mounted on a wall will not only make the space appear larger but will also introduce an aesthetic appeal.

4. Proper Lighting

Make sure that the lighting in your home gym is not too bright or too dim. Bright lights can be distracting, and dim lights will make it challenging to see what you’re doing while exercising.

Proper lighting not only provides a more pleasant exercise environment, but it can also help reduce strain on your eyes and improve visibility while you’re working out. When selecting lighting for your home gym, the key is to find a balance between brightness and ambiance. Natural light is always best when available.

However, if natural light is not an option, especially for basement room renovations, consider installing adjustable LED light fixtures so that you can customize the brightness according to the type of workout you’re performing.

5. Invest in Quality Equipment

When renovating your home gym, invest in quality equipment that will last for years and be comfortable to use. Look for machines with adjustable features so you can adjust the settings as needed and introduce some variety to your routine.

Also, look for machines that have a variety of attachments so you can make the most of your workout space. Popular examples include weight benches that double as pull-up bars or adjustable dumbbells that can be used for various exercises.

Final Thoughts

A home gym renovation might be just what you need to make working out more convenient. Not only do they provide a comfortable and motivating environment to exercise in, but they also give you the opportunity to customize your space to best suit your needs.

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