10 Home Styles to Define Your Renovation Project

10 Home Styles to Define Your Renovation Project

Did you know that there were 261,849 housing starts recorded in Canada in 2023? The Canadian dream of living in a home we love is alive and well. The first challenge with building or renovating your dream home often starts with figuring out what home style you like. You may not be exactly sure what you want until you see it. After all, there are so many types of homes available, almost anything is possible.  

But when you start working with a home builder and their design team, knowing how to communicate the home styles you like and dislike can be an important step in the process.

That’s why we’re breaking down 10 of the most popular home styles to inspire your building or renovation project.

1. Country French-Style Homes

It probably comes as no surprise that Country French style homes balance rustic and refined styles that you would expect to see in the French countryside. These homes have a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere without giving up any sophistication.

Country French homes are generally one-story with narrow windows and shutters. The roof will often have a steep pitch. Normally they will have a half-timber frame.

They give a real sense of history with an old world charm.

2. Cottage Style

The “cottage” has been around so long that it now describes many different types of homes. But the one thing they all have in common is that cottage style homes are full of rustic warmth and charm, inside and out. If you enjoy a relaxing cottage weekend, then you might enjoy a living in your own cottage style home. 

Cottage style homes were originally modelled after the English cottages that were built to withstand a cold winter. They’re small and cosy, which makes it easier to keep the home warm.

The exterior of these homes is usually brick, stone or wood with a steep overhanging roof. Other common features include casement windows, window boxes, shutters, arched doors and cross gables. 

4. Modern Style

You might already be familiar with modern style homes because they’re a style people either love or hate. These homes favour a simple, minimalist style so you will usually see clean lines, open plan living, lots of glass, and high quality materials like natural stone and wood.

Simplicity is key. Modern homes avoid unnecessary embellishments. Instead, they often feature wood and earthier elements with lots of natural light.

5. Ranch Style

Ranch houses were once used as housing on ranches, as the name suggests. But now, the term “ranch style” is often used as a loose catchall for single story homes. These houses typically stretch out horizontally, instead of vertically, using a box, L- or U-shaped layout.

Ranch style homes typically have a long, low-pitch roof and use a mix of exterior materials, like wood, brick or stone. There are deep, overhanging eaves and large windows to let the light in, plus an attached garage. Inside, you’ll often find an open concept living area with a dining room and kitchen.

6. Traditional Style

Traditional homes can be found in practically every town and city across Canada. They are unpretentious, often two-story homes with a covered entry that protects you from the Canadian weather when you’re searching for your keys at the front door. 

A traditional style home can draw inspiration from a range of other historic styles, such as Victorian, Colonial, Georgian and more. Despite that, they have many common features. You’ll often find these homes have large, open porches with overhanging beams and rafters, dormers, a tall, pointed roof with one or more gables, and small, symmetrical windows. 

Inside a traditional home, the space is divided into a number of smaller, single purpose rooms. This is almost the opposite of big open-concept modern homes and their multi-purpose rooms.

7. Farm House Style

If you love Joanna Gaines’ signature style, then you will love farm house style homes. In these homes, practicality rules. This is not a home full of delicate or precious things. A farm house is designed to be used.

Farm house style homes create a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere. Common farm house features include: reclaimed wood, exposed wood beams, butcher block countertops, shaker-style cabinets, apron sinks, vintage furniture and weathered finishes that are designed to age beautifully over time. 

8. West Coast Style

West Coast style began in West Vancouver in 1945, influenced by the fact they were surrounded by forested mountains and expansive ocean, in a rainforest climate. Builders had to get creative. 

The most common design elements found in these homes include: extensive glazing and skylights, open floor plans, integrated indoor and outdoor spaces, flat roofs, lots of glass, and designs built around views or natural features.

9. Craftsman Style

As the name suggests, Craftsman style homes were designed to showcase craftsmanship and hand-made design elements over the mass-produced. You’ll often see plenty of hand-crafted decorative elements, like brackets, beams or rafters. This can create great curb appeal for your home.

These homes emphasise horizontal lines with low-pitched roofs that extend far out past the exterior walls. The over-extended eaves of a Craftsman roof tends to create a spacious front porch.

What Type of Home Suits You & Your Family?

We know it can feel overwhelming to start any remodel projects when there are so many options out there. But if you work with a good builder (like us), then they will take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the process for you, including helping you narrow down on what type of home you like.

Are you in Calgary and want to revamp your home? Look at our HOME RENOVATION SERVICES. We help build on your vision to make it the best possible result. At the end of the project, we want you to say: “I knew what I wanted but it turned out so much better than expected.”