Incorporate A Mudroom Into Your Space

Incorporate A Mudroom Into Your Space

One can never have enough storage in their home. It seems like every time you turn around, there is something else that needs to be stored away.

Kids are constantly bringing in muddy shoes, sports equipment, and who knows what else from outside and adults are always coming in and out with work items, coats, grocery bags, and more.

Where do you put it all? A mudroom solves your storage woes as it is designed as a space to store all of those items to keep your home clean and organized. It's typically a small room or alcove near the entryway of a home that has hooks, shelves, cubbies, and other storage solutions to help keep things tidy.

Not sure what a mudroom looks like or how to incorporate one into your home? Here are some mudroom addition ideas to get you started.

Add hooks to the back of the front door

People living in small spaces can take advantage of any wall space available. Adding a few hooks to the back of the front door is an easy way to create a makeshift mudroom without having to dedicate an entire room to it.

This wall space is great for hanging coats, scarves, umbrellas, keys, and pet leashes.  You can also add a small shelf above the door to store hats, gloves, and other small items.

Place a bench and baskets in the entryway

If you have a bit more space to work with in your entryway, you can create a small mudroom nook by adding a few more storage solutions, like cubbies, shelves, and baskets.

You can also incorporate a bench or stool into this space so that people have somewhere to sit while putting on their shoes. Ideally, the bench or stool would have some kind of storage underneath it for storing items like shoes, boots, and other outdoor gear.

Maximize the space under your stairs

Many homes have some wasted space under the stairs, making it a perfect spot for a small mudroom addition since it's typically out of the way and not being used for anything else.

You can add a few hooks, shelves, benches, or cubbies to this area to store all of your mudroom essentials. If you have pets, this is also a great spot to keep their food, water bowls, and toys.

Put a small table or shelf near the door

For people with a bit more space in their entryway, placing a small table or shelf near the door can create an efficient mudroom.

This is one of the easiest ways to store items like keys, sunglasses, and wallets, as well as any outgoing mail you need to take with you when you leave. You can also use this space to display a small plant or vase of flowers to brighten up the area.

Turn closet into a mudroom

Have an unused closet in your entryway? Transform it into a mudroom! This is a great way to add storage without shelling out any extra money.

You can have an open concept closet with hooks and shelves, or you can add a few doors to create some hidden storage to keep any clutter out of sight. Either way, you can add shelves, hooks, and cubbies to make use of every inch of space.

Keep your home organized with a mudroom

From coats and umbrellas to shoes and work bags, a mudroom addition to your home can help keep things organized and tidy in one place.

Whether you have a small entryway or a larger space to work with, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a mudroom into your home. By adding a few hooks, shelves, benches, or cubbies near your front door or other unused areas in your home, you can create a functional and stylish mudroom that will make coming and going a breeze.

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Photo credit: Lisa Amos, Caydence Photography