How To Choose The Right Countertop - The Ultimate Guide

How To Choose The Right Countertop - The Ultimate Guide

From prepping meals in your kitchen to your bathroom night-time ritual, countertops are used every single day. Therefore, it is important that before spending heaps of money on such an essential element, you examine all the various countertops on the market to help you pick the perfect option for your home.

Top Countertops You Should Know Of

Even though it may seem tempting to go for the most popular or affordable countertop, the secret to finding the best match lies in looking beyond these aspects.

Countertops are an everyday essential and integral factor in setting the tone for your kitchen. Thus, you should consider your lifestyle and ask yourself the subsequent questions. For example, how often do you prepare meals? Will a tiny crack on the surface bother you? What about cleaning? Which material best fits your kitchen? Whether you have a traditional cooking area or a sleek contemporary kitchenette, here are some of the top countertops.

  • Granite

Riding the wave of admiration since many years, granite is one of the most popular and commonly used materials for countertops. It is available in a wide range of colors and variations to complement kitchens of every style.

Planning to purchase within your limited budget? No problem! With the various thicknesses, granite comes in, and you can get these countertops at inaccessible prices depending on the thickness you choose.

Granite surfaces are durable, smooth, and super easy to clean; a little soap and water do the job!

However, some granite may be more permeable than others and should be sealed periodically to avoid staining. Moreover, some users may find this option a little pricey, and its labor-intensive installation can further add up to its cost.

  • Laminate

Most commonly called Formica, laminate countertops were exceedingly popular in the late nineties. While former laminate counters look aged and out-of-style, the latest ones are completely opposite. Newer laminates give a more luxurious look, such as of stone or granite, but at comparatively cheaper rates.

It does come with a few drawbacks. The plastic exterior can be easily harmed by heat, and unlike other construction materials, laminate lacks durability and does not add to the house's resale value. So, while it is not suitable for massive upgrades, laminate is still an excellent way to meet your budget for smaller and less trivial projects like rental guesthouses, basement washrooms, or sculleries.

  • Quartz

Do you cook multiple meals in a day? Is your counter always occupied? Or are you just looking to get an all-around kitchen countertop with elevated durability? Then a quartz countertop is undoubtedly what you need.

You would be amazed to hear that these quartz counters are not fully made from quartz. But rather, a mixture of quartz with binder and resin provides these countertops with an elegant finish. In addition, it successfully resists water, stain, bacteria, and heat- and unlike granite, it does not need to be resealed.

Because quartz is one of the toughest materials, it is feasible for many countertops. Also, because the material is artificially-made, it can be formulated in a myriad of colors and designs to harmonize with your shelves and cabinets.

  • Solid Surface

Also recognized by the prominent brand-name Corian, solid surfaces deliver the identical seamless look like quartz countertops. Made from blending resin and acrylic together, this kitchen countertop is an ideal alternative for small to moderate projects. It is accessible in unlimited shades and patterns, including some terrific look-alikes of marble and granite.

Selecting this countertop comes with many benefits. It can survive water, bacteria, and stains. Yet, it is to be kept in mind that Corian is not heat-resistant and can discolor or even crack when in contact with a hot dish. But keeping a few trivets in-stock can solve this issue and lets you use your solid surface countertop with confidence and ease.


With that being said, we conclude our article about how to choose the right countertop for you. We sincerely hope our list helps you find the most suited countertop as your kitchen style and adds to your cooking experience.  In addition, you can get in touch with us today at 403-277-5525 or contact us online for a free quote/consultation. We would be glad to assist you in getting the best pick for your countertop.