Home Addition Ideas for Increasing Square Footage

Home Addition Ideas for Increasing Square Footage

No matter the size of your home, adding a home addition to increase the square footage is a great investment. Not only will you be expanding available storage and living space, but you’ll also be increasing your home’s curb appeal and overall value. To help inspire your next home addition or extension project, we’ve listed our top 4 home addition ideas for increasing square footage.

Sunroom Addition

Also known as a “four seasons porch,” a sunroom is the perfect bridge between the great outdoors and the comfort of the indoors. Known for their ample light and spectacular views, sunrooms provide an amazing space to stretch out and relax after a long day or enjoy the sun year-round with your family. They’re an extremely popular and extremely versatile home addition that can be tailored to suit your individual tastes. An excellent way to increase square footage while still retaining the outdoor feeling of your backyard.

Home Office Addition

With many of us working for home for much of the foreseeable future, that makeshift home office you set up in your dining room or bedroom corner just won’t cut it anymore. Eventually, you’re going to need some proper office furniture, a door for privacy, and your own space where you can really get into the zone and get things done. Adding a home office is a great way to maximize productivity while freeing up space and even increasing square footage. If you’re serious about taking your work-from-home experience to the next level, then a home office addition is a must. Be sure to also check out our 5 steps for creating the perfect home office for inspiration.  

Second Story Addition

Few home additions add more square footage than adding an entire second story. Think about it, you’re literally doubling the size of your home! Second-story additions open up a world of possibilities for extra living space and allow you to add things like luxury master suites, home theatres, gyms, extra bedrooms or guestrooms, rec rooms, and so much more. One thing to keep in mind when considering a second story addition, however, is that your existing home’s structure and foundations need to be able to take the weight of an extra floor. So, be sure to consult with a professional custom home builder before deciding on a second story addition.

Above-Garage Bonus Room Addition

An above-garage addition offers an amazing opportunity to increase square footage without breaking the bank. With the garage already there, simply add walls and a roof, and you’ve got a bonus room! What’s more, depending on the size, you could even consider adding amenities like a media room, an extra bedroom, bathroom, or even turn it into a fully independent guest house.

Which of These Home Addition Ideas Do You Love the Most? 

Let us know, and we’ll make it happen! At Kurmak Builders, we know it can sometimes feel overwhelming to embark on a home addition project. But, working with a good renovation company ensures most of the stress and guesswork is taken out of the process for you.

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