Fireplace Renovations: How a Fireplace Can Turn Your Home into a Cozy Space

Fireplace Renovations: How a Fireplace Can Turn Your Home into a Cozy Space

Few things beat the romantic glow and comforting coziness offered by a fireplace on a cold night. Often considered an exquisite luxury, a fireplace can introduce a homely atmosphere that’ll have you looking forward to winter! More than a spot to warm up on a chilly night, however, a fireplace can completely transform the look and feel of a room and even increase your home’s value.

No matter the type of home you live in or your lifestyle, a fireplace renovation could be just what you need to create a cozy space you can enjoy for years to come. What’s more, thanks to advances in modern technology, adding a gas fireplace to your home is easier than ever. Read on to find out more about the benefits of installing a gas fireplace and how a fireplace renovation can help turn your house into a home.

Easy to Enjoy and Aesthetically Pleasing

Gone are the days when having a fireplace meant hauling heavy firewood and cleaning dirty, sooty chimneys. With a gas fireplace, all it takes is a push of a button and you’re ready for a cozy night in. Don’t want too much heat or simply after the ambiance offered by a cozy fireplace? No problem! Modern gas fireplaces are fully adjustable, meaning you can dial in that perfect flame without having to mess around with dampers, flues, or ashes. Gas fireplaces are also safer and easier to control than conventional wood-burning fireplaces.

In terms of aesthetics, a gas fireplace fits just as well in a period home as it does in a stylish, contemporary home. An excellent addition to any room lacking a focal point, a fireplace is a great way of adding character and charm to a space that otherwise lacked warmth.

Save On Your Energy Bills

Concerned about your energy consumption during the winter months? Looking for a way to lower the bills? Crank up the fireplace and turn the thermostat down. By only heating up the room you’re in, a gas fireplace allows you to save on energy otherwise used to heat rooms that aren’t in use. Additionally, a gas fireplace can add warmth to a room when it’s not cold enough to warrant turning on the central heat and heating your entire house. Even if you’ve already got a wood fireplace and are thinking about a fireplace renovation, consider opting for a more energy-efficient gas fireplace.

As opposed to conventional fireplaces, gas fireplaces also offer a more environmentally friendly option than open fires since they don’t release smoke into the air and emit as much as two-thirds less carbon dioxide as wood fireplaces.   

Convenient, Low Maintenance

Unlike a wood fireplace, there’s no need to constantly clean a gas fireplace. While gas fireplaces still need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, the frequency and effort that goes into maintaining a gas fireplace are significantly less than a wood fireplace. With no chimneys to sweep, no build-up to deal with, and no ash to get rid of, gas fireplaces are inherently easier to maintain than wood fireplaces. All it takes is regular light cleaning and annual service, and your gas fireplace should offer you years of reliable, trouble-free service.  

Fireplace Renovations in Calgary

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