Should I Add A Wet Bar To My Basement?

Should I Add A Wet Bar To My Basement?

Wet bars are a terrific addition to a basement renovation project. You may create a relaxing environment in your home where you and your guests can relax with a couple of cold beverages.

A basement bar may also add to the value of your residence in a way that few other remodelling projects can. But before you begin, there are several considerations to keep in mind to make the process easier.

Placement of the Wet Bar

The first decision you need to make is where to place your wet bar in the basement. You'll want it to be easily accessible from both the inside and outside the home. If it's too far away from the main living area, you may not use it as often as you'd like.

The Design of Your Wet Bar

One of the most important decisions you'll make is what type of bar to install. Do you want a small bar for minimalistic purposes, or do you want a full-blown home entertainment center with room for multiple people to assemble?

Your budget and the amount of space you have in your basement will likely dictate the type of bar you install. Wet bars can be as simple as a counter with a sink and refrigerator, or they can be elaborate affairs with custom cabinetry, wine coolers, and dishwashers.

If you're looking for ideas, many online resources and even home improvement stores offer design services.

Cabinets and Shelves

Basement bars typically have a lot of storage space because you'll need to stash bottles, glasses, and other supplies. So, cabinets and shelves are a must. You can buy ready-made cabinets or have them custom-made, but make sure they're water-resistant or waterproof.

Power Outlets and Equipment

One of the first things you need to figure out is where your electrical outlets will be. You'll need at least one near the sink and one near the refrigerator. If you want to include a dishwasher, you'll need an outlet for that as well. Moreover, if you're going to install a stove or oven, you'll need a gas line.

You'll also need to decide on the size and type of refrigerator you want. If you're going to have a lot of guests, you may want to consider a side-by-side model that offers more space.


Will you install a sink or an ice maker on your wet bar? Plumbing projects can be expensive, so you'll want to consider the location of existing plumbing while planning your project.

You'll need to ensure that you have adequate drainage and that all the necessary water lines are in place. By locating the bar and sink near the existing piping system, you can save time and money.

Lighting and Fixtures

A basement wet bar needs excellent lighting—it not only complements the room's decor but also sets the bar's vibe. To create the ideal ambiance, you can utilize a variety of lighting fixtures, ranging from bright to sophisticated and intimate. Consider the type of lamps that will go best with the design concept when purchasing lighting fixtures.

Additionally, you can improve both lighting and ambiance by just using fixtures. For example, a large mirror could help brighten a tiny space and make it appear bigger.

Seating and Entertainment

Basement bars are popular for one main reason: they offer a place to gather and have fun. If you're not sure how much seating to add, start by planning for at least four people to sit comfortably at the bar.

You should also consider the entertainment options you want. If you plan to use the space for more than just drinking, make sure there is adequate seating and room for a television or other type of entertainment center. For example, you can set up a lounge area for viewing sports games if you have adequate space.

Ready to Design a Wet Bar for Your Basement?

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