5 Ways to Keep Renovation Costs Down

5 Ways to Keep Renovation Costs Down

Home renovation costs can quickly add up. Going over budget is most people’s biggest fear, especially when undertaking your first home renovation. Thankfully, with some strategic planning and effort, achieving a renovation that works for both your home and your budget can be a piece of cake. To help you save on your next renovation, we’ve listed our best 5 ways to keep renovation costs down.

Plan Well Ahead

Good planning and working out exactly what you want out of your renovation is key to keeping costs down. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense or waste of time, be sure to properly plan out and budget for your renovation. For example, how much of your budget will go toward structural work and how much toward furniture and fittings? Consult with a designer or professional renovation company, if need be, and let them know your budget. While some may charge you for an initial consultation, we at Kurmak Builders offer all of our clients a complimentary consultation to ensure ideas and budgets are realistic and renovation costs are kept down.

Renovate for Efficiency, Not Size

Planning for efficiency instead of size is another great way to keep renovation costs down. For instance, rather than knock down walls and expand your kitchen, consider replacing old, space-inefficient shelving with ultra-modern pullout cabinets. Things like pull-out pot trays, lazy Susan cabinets, and dividers can help create a lot more space without the need for a home addition or extension. Planning a home office renovation? How about a trendy, space-saving foldaway desk instead of a traditional one? These modern conveniences and custom-made furniture may seem expensive at first but remember that you’ll potentially be saving thousands on structural renovations and additions you might not actually need.

Go For Simplicity

Whether you’re renovating on a budget or simply trying to keep renovation costs down, keeping things simple is always a good way to save money. If you’re happy with your room’s current layout and space but just want to give it a fresh new look, go for replacement doors and fittings rather than replacing entire units. What’s more, keeping the design simple will also help cut renovation costs. Straight, smooth walls, for example, are easier to build than curved or textured walls, thus cost less. In the same way, square or rectangular additions tend to cost less than angled additions.

Sell Your Old Fixtures and Furniture

Planning on getting rid of that old ceiling fan or couch during the renovation? By all, means replace any fixtures and furniture you’re not a fan of, but don’t get rid of anything worth selling! If they’re still in good or usable condition, selling off your old fixtures and furniture on sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, or even Facebook Marketplace can bring in some extra cash which could help keep renovation costs down. Even if the items are broken or nobody’s interested in them, there’s still a chance you could sell them for scrap and recover some of your renovation costs.

Add Light Without Adding Windows

Natural light is one of the hottest home renovation trends, but there’s no need to go carving holes in the side of your house to let it in.  If you’re planning a home addition, then, by all means, add a couple of windows. If you’re planning a simple renovation, however, there are a few creative and cost-effective ways of adding or supplementing light. For instance, adding mirrors or furniture with mirrored surfaces opposite windows will help bounce light around the room and brighten things up. Choose lighter hues for windowless rooms and add artificial light sources like full-spectrum bulbs for soft, yet realistic light. Using a range of different light sources to layer lighting is key to creating a sense of space and replicating natural light in dimly lit rooms.

Stress-Free Home Renovations in Calgary

From concept to creation, Kurmak Builders is here to help you take the stress and guesswork out of your next renovation. Our unwavering dedication to our clients and firm, fixed-cost policy has earned us our stellar reputation throughout Calgary. CONTACT US TODAY for a complimentary consultation where we’ll discuss everything you’re looking for in your home renovation and create a plan perfectly aligned with your budget, lifestyle, and tastes.