5 Ways to Create Space for a Home Office

5 Ways to Create Space for a Home Office

2020 saw more people working from home than ever before, and this trend is expected to continue until well into 2021. While most of us made do with an impromptu bedroom or living room office set up last year, we’ve undoubtedly all wondered what it would be like to have a real home office. Whether it’s the improved productivity, better organization, or simply the convenience of not taking it down every day, a home office addition comes with several advantages regardless of whether you’re permanently or temporarily working from home.

While it’s possible to repurpose an existing room for your new office, building a home office addition does away with sacrificing your current living space and can even add value to your home down the line. Here are 5 easy ways you can create extra space for your dream home office:

Ground Floor Expansion

Expansions are some of the most common types of home renovations done in Calgary today and are perhaps the easiest way to build a home office addition. This generally involves knocking down an existing wall and adding an entirely new room and roof to your home’s existing structure. Couldn’t be simpler.

Second-floor Addition

Expanding your home upward is also a viable option for a home office addition. Whether adding an entire second floor or square footage over an existing ground floor room, a second-floor addition offers endless customization possibilities for your new home office. It is, however, one of the more expensive ways to add a home office, so be sure to plan and budget for a second-floor home office addition carefully before committing.

Basement Renovation

To some, a basement is simply a storage or utility room. To others, it’s a bonus room with limitless potential. With a bit of soundproofing and a few tweaks here and there, you could turn your dingy old basement into a home office anyone would be proud of. Bear in mind, however, that basements pose a few unique challenges, such as exposed insulation, pipes, and HVAC systems. So, be sure to hire a trustworthy renovation contractor experienced in basement renovations and all the paperwork and safety code compliance that comes with them.

Above-garage Home Office Addition

Some people prefer to have their home office separate from their main home building and a garage, or any single-storey outbuilding, could make for an excellent space for your new home office. Limited only by the size of your garage, an above-garage home office addition is a great choice if you’re looking for solitude and minimal distractions when working. You could even add a little personal patio!   

Bump-out Extension

If you haven’t got the space or budget for any of the above home office additions, a bump-out can add just enough room for a mini home office. Rather than a full-on addition or extension, a bump-out can be added to practically any ground floor room and can even be fitted with doors and windows for extra privacy and natural light.

Which of these home office addition ideas do you like the most?

Let us know, and we’ll make it happen! Home office additions are one of our specialties at Kurmak Builders and we pride ourselves on taking the stress and guesswork out of the home renovation process, leaving you to focus on the more important things in life. Thinking about adding a home office? CONTACT KURMAK BUILDERS today to book your free consultation.