5 Bungalow Renovation Ideas

5 Bungalow Renovation Ideas

Bungalows have been a common sight in Calgary since its founding. Today, they remain one of the most popular types of homes in Calgary, and for good reason. Offering the perfect middle ground between apartments and townhouses, bungalows are an easily accessible option for those looking for something larger than an apartment yet cheaper than a townhouse.

Part of what makes bungalows so popular in Calgary is their limitless potential for renovation. Whether you’re looking to create your dream home or give your tired bungalow a new lease on life, here are 5 bungalow renovation ideas to get you started.  

Bungalow Extension

One of the main advantages of purchasing a bungalow is that the lot typically comes with enough room to add an extension to the side or rear of the building. Although this means sacrificing a bit of greenspace, a bungalow extension or addition could be just what you need if you feel like you’ve outgrown your home. Moreover, that extra bit of square footage can significantly increase your bungalow’s value if you decide to sell down the line. Build that games room you’ve always wanted or enjoy the great outdoors year-round with your very own sunroom, the choice is yours!   

 Open Plan Renovation

Most of the time you spend at home is spent indoors, so an interior renovation or remodel is one of the best ways to revamp your bungalow without knocking it down and starting over. Open plan layouts are one of the most popular layouts for new building construction and renovations alike and are ideal if you’re feeling a bit cramped in your current living space. By knocking down restrictive walls and rearranging or remodeling existing living areas, an open-plan renovation frees up valuable space and allows for more natural light to shine through.

Second-Floor Addition

Whether you need more room for your growing family or simply want to maximize the existing building’s footprint without sacrificing your beautiful garden, adding a second floor is a lot simpler than most think. Provided you have the right permits and hire the right renovation contractor for the job, a second-floor addition is one bungalow renovation idea that allows you to add space without having to up your roots and move.

Exterior Makeover

An exterior makeover is a great way to maximize your bungalow’s curb appeal and turn a once lackluster façade into an architectural masterpiece. Something as simple as a fresh lick of paint could be all it takes to completely transform your bungalow and give it a whole new look. Why not take it a step further and replace outdated doors and windows? From basic spruce ups to full-on transformations, the possibilities for bungalow exterior renovations are endless.

Add a Deck

There are few things better than a cookout on a cool evening or relaxing with friends and family at the end of a long summer’s day. Apart from enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal and adding to your property’s value, adding a deck is a great way to increase living space without altering your home’s interior. From planting that herb garden you’ve always wanted to a hot tub that can be enjoyed year-round, adding a deck to your bungalow offers a ton of outdoor living possibilities.  

Which of these bungalow renovation ideas do you like the most?

Let us know, and we’ll make it happen! As one of Calgary’s leading home renovation companies, we know that bungalow renovations can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Working with a reputable renovation contractor takes out most of the stress and guesswork from any home renovation.

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