Renovating your existing property is certainly a big decision. Adding a new floor is a great way to create an additional living space in your home. Options of adding a floor surely involve a major structural change and an addition of a custom staircase too. While choosing the structural design and staircase, think from both functional and aesthetic level to create the ideal space matching your interest. Keep in mind that the custom stairs should provide an easy, convenient and safe passage to the newly renovated floor too.

Points to Consider While Choosing Custom Stairs:

It is relatively expensive when you include a custom staircase in your renovation project. The engineer has to create a new plan for your home and include a staircase that easily fits in your home. You need to discuss with your contractor whether you want an indoor or an outdoor staircase. After all, one of the main reasons to add the stairway is to create a dramatic focal point and a functional passage in your home.

Types of Custom Staircases You Can Choose:

You will be surprised to find many choices of custom staircases these days. Apart from the old-style wooden staircases, you can choose a circular design, a spiral stairway, the contemporary looking L shaped staircases and even the classic straight design stairways.

Choosing The Look of Your Custom Staircase:

Selecting the design for your custom staircase is not the only task. You need to choose the balusters, material and finish too. For a trendy look, you may want those wrought iron balusters. However, many modern homes now feature curved and spiral stairway without any side rails for a dramatic and elegant look.

Work With Your Custom Home Builder:

Because adding a custom staircase is a big task, you should always work with an experienced stair builder to create that perfect look in your home.

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