Small-space renovations can be challenging. But when you make careful design choices, you can make small bathroom and kitchen remodels seem more spacious.

Who said that rooms must be large to be memorable? You can make small rooms stimulating, cozy or just fun to spend time in. And, when you use modern materials and design ideas, renovating small kitchens and bathrooms can be easier than you think.

#1: Open up small spaces

In many homes, space is the ultimate luxury. You can add details, rich color and visual trickery to expand physical and psychological space in your home. Want to prevent your kitchen or bathroom from feeling cramped? Remove walls, islands and other barriers to create a more open feel. Here’s how:

  • Get rid of looming cabinets. If room seems tight in your tiny kitchen, overhead storage might be the culprit. If you can’t reach what’s in them, and you feel claustrophobic, it’s probably time for a change.
    How about trading in some cupboard space for open storage? You can put shelving, pot racks, and other essential gear where you can see and use them easily. Your kitchen will look bigger, and it’s a great way to show off your favorite kitchen stuff.
  • Knock down those walls. The most direct way to open small spaces is to remove dividing walls. If you have a non-load-bearing wall that divides a kitchen or bathroom from an unused space, get rid of it and start loving your new room.

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#2: Fool the eye: use mirrors

Did your mother ever tell you about using mirrors to make small rooms seem larger? She was right. In fact, you’ll be surprised about how many ways you can use mirrors in small rooms.

  • Display them: as a group, mounted on their sides, mounted floor to ceiling and in layers (mirror tiles topped with smaller, individual mirrors.
  • Position them: behind the stove, on cabinet surfaces or next to your dining room table.

#3: Fool the eye: use smaller appliances

In small rooms, anything you can do to make the room less cramped or cluttered will create visual space. One of the best ways to do this is to buy smaller-sized appliances. There’s quite a variety available. You can almost certainly find what you need in the size and color you are looking for.

#4: Make the most of indoor lighting

Any room, large or small, benefits from having task and atmospheric lighting. But choose your lighting carefully to add a warm, cozy feel to your small rooms.

  • Fluorescent lighting casts a bluish light, which changes colors of objects in an often unappealing way. Neutralize these unpleasant color effects by hanging warm lighting over eating areas in your kitchen or where you do your makeup in the bathroom.
  • Incandescent lights provide warmer light to kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Install them shining down on the countertops or directed from ceiling to the cabinet tops. The effect will create warm areas of contrast, not cold blue fluorescent light.

#5: Go vertical

Whether it’s a tall shelf, vertical shiplap, or a long painting, emphasizing vertical space moves your eye upward and increases a room’s sense of openness. Combining pleasing vertical lines with more storage is a great reason to add a tall cabinet (if you can add it without making the room feel cramped).

Next Time: We talk about making and sticking to your renovation budget.

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